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Smart Realty Market is a global smart realty & land marketplace where real property &  landowners can reach anyone looking to purchase real property and land on the blockchain. You now have the opportunity to list your property or land for multiple leasing options. Whether you are looking to sell your owned land or start a business, Smart Realty is the place to be. Through tokenization the Smart Realty Market makes it possible to invest in commercial real estate projects that are out of reach for the everyday investors. This allows building owners to sell fractional ownership of their properties. The properties tokenized on the Housing Open Market can provide an excellent investment option for parking long or short term capital. Hold your cash or Bitcoin in high-quality Real Estate and secured tokenized securities. Smart Realty Tokenization services are a primary issuance of security tokens for fractional ownership in “on and off-market” properties. Bitcoin Security tokens have customizable features (dividends, hold periods, etc.) created for each issuance.

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Think Shopify with real cryptocurrency. List the real property and land you wish to sell and Smart Realty generate your payment-ready store automatically.

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Sell from your realty on Smart Realty while tracking sales and inventory from a single control panel.

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Smart Realty make it easy to accept payments via bitcoin and mutual credit.

Our easy registration process allows you to do one or multiple listings and choose what types of uses you would be willing to lease your land. Best of all there is no cost to list on Smart Realty