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Global Land Trust Group

Smart Realty Market is a global smart realty & land marketplace where real property &  landowners can reach anyone looking to purchase real property and land on the blockchain. You now have the opportunity to list your property or land for multiple leasing options and buy and sell them for secured tokenized notes and fiat.

Smart Realty Market will market your property at no cost to you for as long as you like. With Smart Realty you never have any obligations to take any offers presented to you. You may terminate your listing at any time for any reason whatsoever.

Our goal is to bring opportunities from around the globe and present them in a non-biased manner. Like a treasure hunt, you never know what you may get!

Smart Realty Market Network (Housing Open Market Exchange) is here to support the revolution of the global real estate industry by welcoming blockchain technologies, connecting real estate professionals, and fostering an environment that promotes peer to peer deal-making. Don’t miss out on exclusive listings, deals, and updates; become a beneficiary member today!

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