Smart City on the Blockchain


Everyone will be looking to get something tangible out of their cryptocurrency investment have a bit more to consider. If a seller won’t accept bitcoin outright, then a buyer needs first to sell to a third party for another fiat currency.

As a generalization, this unprecedented growth offers four challenges to smart cities in different circumstances:

  • For new smart cities: we have never before engineered urban infrastructures to support such growth. Whenever we’ve tried to accommodate rapid urban growth before, we’ve failed to provide adequate infrastructure, resulting in slums. One theme within Smarter Cities is, therefore, the attempt to use technology to respond more successfully to this rapid urbanization.
  • New smart cities in developed economies with slower growth: urbanization in rapidly growing economies is creating an enormous rise in the size of the world’s middle-class, magnifying global growth in demand for resources such as energy, water, food and materials; and creating new competition for economic activity.
  • Smart cities in countries that are still developing slowly: increasing levels of wealth and economic growth elsewhere create an even tougher hurdle than before in creating opportunity and prosperity for the populations of those countries not yet on the path to growth. At the same time that economists and international development organizations attempt to ensure that these nations benefit from their natural resources as they are sought by growing economies elsewhere, the third strand of Smarter Cities is concerned with supporting wider growth in their economies despite a generally low level of infrastructure, including technology infrastructure.

So a second theme of Smarter Cities that applies in mature economies is to remain vibrant economically and socially in this context, and to improve the distribution of wealth and opportunity, against a background of modest economic growth, ageing populations with increasing service needs, legacy infrastructure and a complex model of governance and operation of city services.